October 19, 2008

Touba Auto K7

Most, if not all, of these tracks have been released on CD and I still prefer the cassettes from Touba Auto K7. Especially these from Number One de Dakar.

They feature Pape Seck, with his voice reminiscent of bars, red wine (of the type which no Frenchman will touch with a long pole) and loose women. Just listening to his voice transfers me to those places, in Dakar, Bamako....

Here is a list of the other musicians playing, and here's the second volume of these wonderful Touba Auto cassettes of Number One.


aduna said...

Many thanks for this one. Number One is one of my favourite Senegalese band for time. I have also post a Touba Auto K7 last week (Guelewar).
Touba Auto K7 = Good Music

avocado kid said...

kool - i love the no 1 trak on the luaka bop kompilation so i'm hoping this hits the spot too.