October 17, 2008

Alhadji Haruna Ishola

A picture can say more than a thousand words

The late Alhadji Haruna Ishola is sitting in the middle (third from the right).

This is the top of the league, as far as apala music goes.

And within Haruna Ishola's extensive line of albums this is one of my favorites.

SRPS 32 NEW LINK Dec. 28, 2010

Please let me know if you want more.....


MOB said...

Do I want more? Oh hell yeah I do.

No, seriously - I really, really love this blog, and should have commented already by now. Thanks for the goodness...

Spinning said...

More? Yes, please!

Thanks again for this blog, and for all the work and time that you put into it.



sports.correspondent.johnny.bob(AT)gmail.com said...

Yeah. I'm a frequent downloader, and a infrequent commenter -but you do excellent work. One of my faves.

123 said...

Oh Oh The file is gone.Not available to download.....
Is it possible to fix it ?
Thank you
Love your blog

MEC in Paris

WrldServ said...

Thanks for letting me know!
I am fixing it now and the file will be available soon.

grooVemonzter said...

Listening to Haruna Ishola is a spiritual experience. I love this man's albums.

Dapxin said...

I freakin want more.

well done!

J said...

sir! you are the bestest. most of the links are down. (files no longer available ..)
the "one day one day one, i met a pretty little girl, she wanted to know my name ..."
any chance you have that one. ive been searching heaven n earth for it.

thank you so much for your good work.

WrldServ said...

@J: The file has been uploaded again.
Thanks for letting me know!

Debo said...

where the hell is the: bowing and scraping, i salute you and you are a god emoticon, when you need it? Please dont stop. Never stop.