October 28, 2008

Belle Oumar Bella & Amadou Djeliba

Malian society can get very complicated in the eyes of a foreigner (and even toubabou) like me. I thought singer Belle Oumar Bella Sango was Sonraï. But apparently he sings in Peulh (or Fula if you like). And when I first saw them on Malian television and everybody was saying "Ah! Amadou Djeliba", I thought they were talking about the singer. But Amadou Djeliba appears to be the ngoni player.

Here is a clip, so you can see why I was confused.

The duo has appeared before on several compilations, notably the "Le Mali du Fleuve" album on Bärenreiter-Musicaphon (BM 30 L2502), where they are credited as natives from Macina. This town in the Niger delta (which plays a key role in Peulh legend and history) has made a huge impact on me, as being the world capital of mosquitoes...

Nevertheless I just love the music of Belle Oumar Bella & Amadou Djeliba, and especially this classic cassette.

P.S. I had some connection problems - more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I think that is relating the saga of the arrival of the Foulbe to Macina in search of pasture, but singing in Poular does not mean it is their language, Oumar by his surname appears to be the ethnic Bella, Bella are call the etnik gruop of ex-captives using the ancient language of their masters. (The Toubaous never be able to understand all this ...)
In any case, if we talk about folklore Peul the instrument that accompanies it is not the Ngoni, is the Hoddou!

WrldServ said...

Ah Ngoni, you are a great help, and I really appreciate your comments!
I knew about the Bella, but what confuses me is that in the track Njaaro he is called "Sango", - which as far as I know is a Sonraï name.

Anonymous said...

Y find some relationship in the story of Njaaro,he mentions several Hamma Dicko family members who are always Tamacheck or Sonrai and later something about the Yerma.

I will carry the album to a friend Sonrai from Goundam, an area where they live also wiht Bella and Purlo,he also dominates the foulfude and we will clarify the doubts. (A bit of patience)

Meanwhile if you have a lot of time,(thing that I lack a little bit), you can go in the Purlo world with this beautiful Poulare manual. http://ibamba.net/pular/manual.pdf

A greeting.

Anonymous said...

My friend Sonrai, confirmed that Belle Oumar is a Pourlo griot,well known in the region of Mopti, the name of Sango is Sonrai and corresponds to the lineage of griots, may be coming from his mother, but in any case if he speak Poular is a Pourlo, regardless of maternal origin that may have.

As for the history he can not explain, because his knowledge of Poular is colloquial and is not completely understood.

Anyway, he said that the recording is collected at the ORTM,and he likes it a lot and that is his music (the music that is heard in his region).

Tooroodo said...

Bela oumarou Bela Sangho is 100% a Fulaani griot from Youwarou, Mopti, Mali, and whoever say the contrry doesn't know the fulaani society of Mali. His name Bela has nothing the ethnic "bella" group of northern Mali. I've listened to him all my childhood, and know his son Bouya Bela. He was a poet, who knew how cheer a fulani by his words. I like the video, but there is a lot more you missing of this title ( Yoode) and not yone, which is is for warriors, and brave people.

Anonymous said...


am i mistaken, or is one of the songs missing? the scan of the cassette insert indicates one more song than was included in the download....

(not to be missed!!! hahahaha)


WrldServ said...

@Anonymous: The track "Lelli Yoo-Lelli Yooro" (A3 on the cover) is not on the cassette, and the track order on the B-side is also wrong. But I can assure you this is not due to edits by me.

Anonymous said...

great track & thanks for the video on youtube, also!!!

is there a track missing from the post? i count one less than is listed???

thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Salam ami Purlo, j'ai téléchargé une vidéo alléguée a Belle Oumar .

Puis vérifier si c'est vrai ?