October 11, 2008

The Godfather

Cuco Valoy started his extensive musical career with his brother Martin. The duo went by the name of Los Ahijados, which can mean "the godsons" or "the foster sons". This must be a reference to the legendary Cuban son duo Los Compadres, who they considered to be their musical padres.

Cuco later set off on a slightly different road, with his band Los Virtuosos and later La Tribu.

Lately he is better known in his native Dominican Republic as the father of Ramón Orlando (one of his fourteen sons).

Maybe I am looking in the wrong place, but the albums of Los Ahijados appear to be very hard to find. That's a pity, as I am sure you will agree after listening to this wonderful double album. It's filled with the unique Ahijados mix of son and merengue. As an added bonus this album contains some brilliant tracks featuring an organ. My (most) favorite tracks are 'Dos Almas' (Two souls) (which I only knew as a kind of chachacha by Sonora Matancera) and 'Solito Con Las Estrellas' (Alone with the stars).

CD 1349/1350-2 (new link April 12, 2015)


david said...

I would be happy to send you a CD full of their music, if you can explain how to me!

WrldServ said...

If you'll send me an e-mail (see profile), I will tell you how (and which albums I already have)!

elcubanito said...

friend link de
duo los ahijados disco de oro

link megaloup out off


WrldServ said...

@elcubanito: I have uploaded the file to another server.
Thanks for pointing out the dead link.

elcubanito said...

please can send me the link from another server please

I just want the song "to follow your footsteps reply" the trio's godchildren

solo deseo la cancion "por seguir tus huellas contestacion" del trio los ahijados


elcubanito said...

send me the link

Anonymous said...

Link is dead... Please mend it.. Thx