October 11, 2008


This videoclip by Ibrahim Hamma Dicko is more than a tune with moving pictures. It offers some insight into the negotiations that are a central part of a traditional marriage proposal in Mali.

Ibrahim is sometimes compared to (the late) Ali Farka Touré, but this is plain rubbish. Ali had a far more profound knowledge of the diverse traditions of Mali's Northern regions.


oro said...

Thank Worlservice's friend for those new posts. Tonight, again, i will sleep with nice musical's stories in my mind.


Anonymous said...

Alí Farka deeply respected I.H.D work. Even sang songs of I.H.D in his performances alongside Afel Bocoum,even we can sometimes hear the same choir of girls of Ali and Afel group, in the recordings of Ibrahim H.D.
Both Toure and Dicko sings in the languages of the region Sonrai, Peul and Tamachek, but Alí also sang in five other languages more over the fantastic variety cultural of Mali.

Fula Man said...

I have a lot respect for Ibrahim Hamma Dicko's musique. I do not discredit Ali because without him the Region of Mali/Niger and the Sahel would not be known. But Ibrahim Hamma Dicko is also very talented. There are many talented Musicians in all of Africa that never really get a chance to shine and show their talent.