October 25, 2008

Oliver De Coque

This is a case of wrong sleeve but right record. There must be someone with the lp Olumo ORPS 100 by Oliver De Coque but with the sleeve of ORPS 68. Because I have the matching pair...

I am not complaining though, because ORPS 68 is a classic in the 'Ogene' style of Ibo highlife by De Coque, who unfortunately is also no longer with us. He died at the tender age of 61 in June, as Likembe reported (although he missed out the details of this report).

Actually this was one of the first Nigerian highlife tracks I heard, at the end of the 1970s. A Swiss musical explorer left me a copy of a cassette with -amongst many others- the A-side of this lp. This set me off on a quest to find more of this great artist, but this remained a favorite.


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Anonymous said...

one of the greatest melody masters to ever exist on earth. thanks oliver de coque for creating some truly amazing music