October 06, 2008

Dar Es Salaam Jazz Band

I don't know anything about this cassette by the Dar Es Salaam Jazz Band, apart from what I can hear. And that's enough to post it.
This very enjoyable cassette contains a great version of Franco's Course Au Pouvoir.

If anyone has more info about this band, please let me know.



Matt Temple said...

Good stuff...I just checked and I have a number of singles by the Dar Es Salaam Jazz Band along with a compilation entitled Hits of the 60s Vl 3 that has a few tracks from Njohole Jazz Band. As for background ont eh band no more I'm afraid.

zim said...

a few notes:

that looks like on one of the Ahadi cassettes, which were produced by Doug Paterson there's quite a bit of info on that series here:


Maybe Doug will see this and provide some info on that casette specifically

They are one of the big name bands of tanzanian music there's some info on the early history on the beginnings of the Dar-Es-Salaam Jazz band (going back to the 1940s) in the article
by Tadasu TSURUTA
of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kinki University

which is available here:


Marijani Rajabu was the main force in the band I think during the period of the cassette (I've seen his name spelled a number of different ways)

and if you want lyrics (in swahili) to a number of D-e-S songs those are available too


WrldServ said...

Thanks a lot for that info, zim!
I have more of this Ahadi series and will post more later (this time with a link to the muzikfan-site).

Akwaboa said...

The Dar es salaam jazz band has one track on 'Zanzibara 3, Ujamaa the 1960s sound of Tanzania'
Quote: "Founded in 1932, the Dar es Salaam Jazz Band ranks as the country's oldest dance club and band. Based in the city's Kariakoo quarter, the club fostered a legion of Dar's best musicians and became a leading voice on the town's entertainment circuit until its fall in the 19705. Throughout the 1960's the band was lead by the legendary Michael Enoch, solo guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and teacher of many Tanzanian dance band musicians. Enoch later switched to saxophone and came to invent the inimitable horn sound of Mlimani Park Orchestra, until today one of Tanzania's leading bands"
There is also a track on the 'Dada Kidawa' cd


aduna said...

An other incredible post!!!
Thanks for all these gifts.

Anonymous said...


Link no longer seems to work. Thanks for rare music, especially the Laba Sosseh lp.


WrldServ said...

I have uploaded the file again and it should work now. (But if it doesn't let me know).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fixing the link and wonderful music.



About Me said...

Thanks a lot for this post. I have a problem with the download link, it's very slow and track#7 is corrupted!!

WrldServ said...

@Abdullah: I have uploaded the file to another server. Hopefully this solves the problem. If it doesn't, let me know.

About Me said...

The link if fine now, many thanks.

Unknown said...

Thank you. I'm digging this in 2016

Anonymous said...

Yes !

Thanx very much from Italy for this and your whole treasure blog !

Peace & Love <3