December 14, 2008


Another early star of juju music is Tunde Nightingale. I get the impression that little has been published about his career, because the article about him in the wikipedia is minimal to say the least.

Personally I have no idea how anyone can describe his voice as 'sonorous' or sounding like a nightingale (unless the nightingale is being strangled), but that doesn't mean I don't like his music. I especially like the way he plays his guitar. He has a very special melodious, soulful style of playing, which I suppose inspired others like Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey to follow in his footsteps.

This lp is a volume 2, and maybe this record posted by a Canadian blogger is the 'matching' volume 1. Both records are on the Take Your Choice label, and both appear to be undated.

If your wondering about the title of this post, listen to the lp. I am sure you'll be h-a-p-p-y too!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your Tunde and the tip towards another. Rolling Dollar and perhaps Roy Chicago also cited as early Juju influences.

Sources are always a pleasure.

I hate to request, for the obvious reasons, but I've always wanted to hear more Rex Lawson beyond the one or two 'greatest' that are more readily available.

Actually there are 50 things I'd like to ask for but the 50 you'll post that I don't really know will be equally great. So thanks.

kreismyr said...

Great work, thanks!

Thomas said...

very cool. thanks for this. :)

and thank you to Joe for pointing me in your direction.

grooVemonzter said...

"Personally I have no idea how anyone can describe his voice as 'sonorous' or sounding like a nightingale (unless the nightingale is being strangled)"

I have to confess that made me laugh out loud.

I know what you mean though and I have similar feelings about his voice. My only hunch is that his voice came off better live. Whatever.. Be that as it may I really enjoy this music and I have downloaded Vol 1 also. These recordings are really beautiful in their simplicity. Indeed they serve as a reminder that music in it's natural state is the best and all that technology has brought us, in most cases, is noise and clutter.

Thanks a million for all your post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot ! I just discover this blog and I plan to enjoy some of this great music. Regards from Chile.