December 22, 2008

El acordeón cubano

As a fan of any type of accordion music I was very surprised to find the instrument in the touristic resort of Trinidad, Cuba. A place well worth visiting, by the way.

The discovery of the instrument was actually a coincidence, because the owner wasn't playing the instrument when we met. He was playing a tres in a small conjunto. He did this with so much fervour that I decided to compliment him. We got to talk about his music and his musical interests, and he revealed that he owned an accordion, which he played sometimes in another bar.

I asked him if I could record it and he agreed.

And here are these recordings, of Ramón Castro. Recorded in Trinidad, Cuba, in March 2002.

EDIT April 12, 2015: The link has been refreshed.

1 comment:

david said...

Thank you for sharing this musical gem, which really gets going from track 5 when the other instruments start fighting back the onslaught of the accordion! :-)