December 20, 2008

More Tasidoni

Since my first post about 'Tasidoni' Karamoko Keita we have learned that our hero is no longer with us. The more reason to raise a statue for this artist, who can been seen as a man of the people, a Malian amongst Malians.

He has no airs, no pretentiousness. Listen to the intro of this cassette: Karamoko thanks God and subsequently introduces himself and the people present at this recording session. I just love this cassette. It's so authentically Malian, so characteristic of the Bamako of the 1980s.

SS 87 (new link April 12, 2015)


Anonymous said...

Something a bit wrong with savefile, unable to download this album...

Regardless, many thanks for all the music you've posted, especially all those old Syliphones!

WrldServ said...

You are right. There seems to be something wrong with the Savefile server (sigh). I will transfer it to another service.