December 14, 2008

More Balaké

This is just an intermediate post. I will be posting some more 'historic' singles from the Burkinabe master in the near future.

It doesn't mean that I don't find this relatively recent (late 1990s) cassette by Amadou Balaké very interesting. What's most interesting is the fact that Balake remains 100% himself in these recordings despite the modern (and in my opinion inferior) instrumentation. It proves the timelessness of his talent.

The cassette contains versions of the classic Balaké tracks "Wariko" ("wari magnin" - money is bad, - and the root of all evil, even in Burkina Faso...), previously on Sacodis LS 7-78 and Zamidou Prod. 1582, and of "Kambeleba", previously recorded with the Super Volta orchestra.

Even if the cover is dreadful, I don't care: it's still Balaké!

MGS 3120


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I first discovered Balake's music from his Afro Charanga lp and later found a couple of sacodis releases. I prefer his Afro latin tunes, can't say that i was much impressed by the recent "Senor Eclectico" compil, which i downloaded from emusic.


Anonymous said...

balake is always good i like the funky balake too but this cassette the acompaniement is trying to destroy him but they dont succeed he is too storng