December 25, 2008

White Christmas

Here's the runner-up in the enigmatic cover competition.
This great cover doesn't give you an inkling of a clue towards the music on the cassette.

You will never guess that the music is by a Guinean accordionist, by the composer of the track "Autorail", by one of my musical heroes: Petit Moussa.

I am absolutely baffled by this man's music. And I can tell you this doesn't happen easily.

Accompanied by a great guitarist (Petit Mamadi?), an 'old-style' talking griot (Djiba Kamisoko?) and a powerful female singer (Namafa* Dioubaté?) Petit Moussa creates a wondrous world in which a listener can drift away.

Snow in Guinea? Why not!

ENC 9022

* I'm not sure about this name. I refer you to the first track.


cartagena56 said...

Soy asiduo visitante de tu pagina web, por lo tanto quiero que me complazcas con subir dos Long Play que saco el sello TCHEZA HIT PARADE N°1 Y HIT PARADE No 2.Te estare inmensamente agradecido.

lemmycaution said...

unforgivably belated, my utmost gratitude for putting this cassette up. the man is magical (as is the guitarist also indeed), each time i listen to his crafts, he demands my total attention. and i keep playing it again and again

Anonymous said...

This is heavenly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

H. Badaud

jifhdfsjdfs said...

one of my favorite cassettes. i hope you have more like this to share

Anonymous said...

i hope you come back and share more treasures like this. i miss your blog