December 29, 2008


Another of the Syliphone releases from 1980 features another* orchestra from Beyla: Simandou Jazz.

Unlike Palm Jazz or Télé-Jazz, they get the full Syliphone treatment on the sleeve of their album.
I am referring to the lyrical descriptions of each individual track. "Faisons confiance en l'avenir. Demain sera le fruit de nos mains. Saxo ténor sentimental serpentant dans les jardins fleuris des guitares" ("Let us lay our trust in the future. Tomorrow shall be the fruit of our hands. Sensitive tenor sax snaking through gardens blossoming with guitars" - the translation is not as ridiculous as the French original). Wow!
I just love these little explosions of enthusiasm. They fit in so well with the music.

Because the music is just that: enthusiastic and exciting. This lp has no weaker tracks and I can only say that some tracks are slightly more favourite than others. "Kani Ye Sa", with the distant trumpet solo and the superb rhythm guitar. "Sensenko", with that great sax. "Festival", for the fantastic turbo horn section. And gardens blossoming with guitars too, - trust me.

SLP 72

*PS: I hope you have noticed this great post on the VOA site.


Steve Pile said...

How do you do it??
Every single thing you post up here is amazing. You are doing an amazing service to music lovers worldwide.
Yours is one of the best,"Trust" Me!!

Anonymous said...

great blog and music, and greater sense of sharing from you!
be blessed i have learnt so much from you not to mention harvested tons of rare gems!
wuod K

Anonymous said...

ADrive says the track is no longer available! The horror! The sadness! My deep gratitude to you my friend, for all the wonderful unavailable music you share. If you ever need medical care in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, I have your back.

Unknown said...

This is my first comment to your blog but it could go to each and every of your posts: this music is trully inspiring and unique! Thanks for sharing with us!

And the ADrive semms to be working ok.

Cheers from Athens