November 01, 2008

Yapi Jazz

All I know is that this orchestra was very popular in the 1960s in Ivory Coast. And I can fully understand why.
I'll go as far as to state that I feel cheated in not knowing about Yapi Jazz and Super Yapi until a few years ago. Who is holding the music of bands like these* back? Why isn't this music available on a series of CD's?

The music is original, although I am sure western producers won't be able to resist the temptation to label it afro-cuban or to compare it with the congolese rumba. Of course it has traces of all kinds of musical styles, but so has american soul music (but I don't think anyone is going to label that afro-cuban).
Here are two EP's, both on the Safie Deen label. After listening to these tracks I am sure you will agree with the motto "Achetez Ivoirien"!

BAS 2578
SD 154

*because there are others, notably Amedée Pierre & L'Ivoiro Star (of whom I will post some tracks later).


avocado kid said...

very cool - ivoirian culture is fascinating...

jan duinkerken said...

thank you very much for the great music you offer.
but, the yapi jazz link has expired. wat nu?


WrldServ said...

Thanks for letting me know, Jan!
The link has been restored (well not really: I have put the files on another server...)

kissmynoose said...

Great to have a time machine to be able to visit the record shop on the cover of SD 154. It is almost painful to see those shelves of (now) rare Ivoirian singles, all in mint condition. Interestingly, the covers mainly belong to the Philips issues of material licensed from Safie Deen. I don't know anything about this band. I guess the guy on both covers is the band leader: A.Ludovic (Mabio Angbakou Ludovic). Though why the band appears to be named after another member: Rene Yapi is an interesting question.

Anonymous said...

Yapi is cool!!