November 07, 2008


Call me peculiar or even strange, but I at no time thought of Fela (like Likembe) when Barack Obama was voted into the White House. My thoughts drifted off to Kenya and to Barack's relations in Africa.

And -how wondrous is the mind- from there my thoughts leapt to Mbaraka Mwinshehe and the sense of almost childish optimism I get when I hear his music. Not a hint of presumptuousness, conceit or smugness in this man's music, just uncomplicated joy.

Although Ukumbusho Volume 8 is from a series commemorating this indeed memorable musical master from Tanzania, I am sure it won't be sadness you'll be feeling after listening to this cassette.

CPOLP 575 or here (extra link - and now @ 320 kbps - December 21, 2016)


helenanddaanandnoah said...

Thanks you so much for putting this up. In my opinion Mbaraka is one of the most underrated African musicians and it's criminal that the Ukumbusho series released by Polydor haven't been re-released.

WrldServ said...

Be patient, I will post all of them. And I agree that he is criminally underrated. But so, unfortunately, are many many fantastic African musicians.

Timothy said...

Hello WrldServ,

I was born and brought up in East Africa and I wonder who has been spreading word that Mbaraka Mwishehe is underrated. He is the undisputed King of Swahili language musicians. Daudi Kabaka, Fundi Konde and Fadhili William are the only ones who have somewhat but unsuccessfully tried to hold a candle to this great musician. Unfortunately, like Bob Marley and Mozart, Mbaraka Mwinshehe died young, and his untimely death robbed us of the best Swahili language music composer and performer that East Africans have ever known. Please WrldServ, let's have those precious tapes as soon as you digitise them. I now live in Milan (Italy) and finding vintage African music in the bricks and mortar stores over here is a pipedream. Thanks to what you've shared here and in Youtube, I've found some rare gems.