November 19, 2008

Laye M'Boup

A lot (here or here or here) has been written about orchestre Baobab. So I don't have to introduce this Senegalese orchestra.

I liked the "Ken Dou Werente" lp in the 1980s, but I have not heard a lot of new compositions of the band since. A few years after the release of that album I got hold of a few cassettes released by Bellot Records (who at the time still sold music for affordable prices). And these, with all the technical advances and digital doodahs, remain my favorite recordings of Baobab.

And among those, this cassette is the one I would choose in my top ten from Senegal. It's the most Senegalese of Baobab's recordings, released as a tribute to Laye M'Boup, singer with Baobab from 1970 until his death in 1974.
And what a singer this man was! A voice that sends shivers down my spine. And even more so* with this recording. that just has that extra edge....

Orch. Baobab Gouye Gui de Dakar vol.3 - Hommage A Laye M'Boup (Bellot Records C 3806)

*Some of these tracks on this cassette have been released on the sympathetic Dakar Sound label (DKS 014).


avocado kid said...

YAY!! OB are one of my all-time favorites. (I really discovered the whole afro-cuban-inspired african guitar sound via them, though I now know how much they are just the tip of the iceberg!) Always delighted to get more material by them.

Thanks for making this blog such a daily pleasure!

trumpetaaa said...

very nice this really senegal sounding cassette from baobab
many many thanks

Anonymous said...

and here's another one - how lovely. if i were a bird, i'd sing you a song now for this! ;)