November 30, 2008

Mosala Etindi

Although a lot of Franco's work has -at some point and by a variety of labels- been released in digital form, there are still a lot of tracks which remain 'unconverted' or, as I have reported earlier, only partially converted. Sometimes this is for an obvious reason, e.g. the track is in praise of Mobutu or his MPR party (like this album posted by Global Groove), or the track is too obscene ("Hélène", "Jacky" etc.).

But in the case of the first two tracks of this lp I suspect it is just a matter of oversight.
The third track, "Yoka Meje", has been released as "Acceptez que c'est vrai" on Sonodisc CD 36572. "Ba Masta Bonne Année" exists in digital form on CD 36520, although the title has been slightly mangled into "Bamasta bonane". "Ebale Ya Zaire" and "Cedou" are on the same CD, but that last track is longer in the digital version.

The first tracks alone justify posting this album, with Franco in great form - knitting away on acoustic guitar.


Anonymous said...


Can't get enough of Franco and TP OK Jazz.

What about those forbidden songs? ("Hélène", "Jacky")? Are they available anywhere?

Thank you.

WrldServ said...

Be patient. Even those tracks will be posted at some point...

Puetencon said...

"Ebale Ya Zaire" and "Cedou" are on the same CD, but that last track is longer in the digital version." Curious , mostly you've written about several tracks that ended up shorter in the digital. Are there others that got this length treatment or is "cedou" a curiosity ? I have a cedou credited to Lutumba Siamro , it clocks 7:20 mins.
Anyway thank you very much for this post , and like Anon above , I want the forbidden fruit .

LeFranck said...

Dear World Service

I hope that I have not been inpatient . Have you been thinking of posting the mysterious and the forbidden songs "Helene" and "Jacky" by Franco.

Thank you for all your postings with very interesting information that I would not find by my self.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much World Service,

for having posted these goodies. In these acoustic instrumentation songs from the authenticite phase the groove, which classified their best 50s recordings, is comming back, but not in an oldies fashion; O.K. Jazz was just up to date. The acoustic instrumentation recordings of O.K. Jazz are all finest takes. Thanks to your blog postings, I found the chance to discover part of these songs.

All the best, Stefan