November 02, 2008

Olaiya's Victories

If you want to know about Victor Olaiya's career until 1961, the 'letter' (on the right) published on the back of the lp "Olaiya's Victories" should give you all the details.

I am a great fan of this highlife giant, but a frustrated one. Because the number of recordings available is very limited (as is confirmed by this discography).

I read in the very limited information available on the internet that he became a nightclub owner in the 1970s, but that's it. Others who have worked with Dr. Victor have more lines dedicated to them than the master himself.

What happened to him? Is he still alive? Why the lack of information?

Here is one of my favorite albums of this genius (another is here).

EDIT (March 4, 2010): extra link


Faas said...

Hi Stefan,

have a look at this site:

Best regards Faas

WrldServ said...

Hi Faas,
Thanks for this very useful link. The interview appears to be from 2006, and he was 76 then. Does anyone know if he is still alive?

rantii said...

Yes. He is very much alive as at today 5/02/2009