March 15, 2009


If you are wondering about the title: so am I. It is part of one of the titles of this cassette released by Bellot in 1982. There are more mysteries in the titles; in fact the whole of the B-side only has titles in English: "Character...", "A Sweet Pleasant Woman" and "Competitor...". What's the deal with these titles? Why in English?

Not a word of English is sung on this cassette by Dieuf Dieul, and listening to the music there is no doubt that this is a band from Senegal. I have read somewhere (but I can't recall where) that there are several bands called Dieuf Dieul. And listening to this cassette I am not entirely convinced the whole cassette was recorded by one band. The last two tracks remind me of the early work of Super Diamano, with a strong presence of an electric piano. The other songs are more like Etoile or Number One, with tama's and lots of guitars.

The vocals on both 'types' are great though. Personally I particularly like the singer in the faster tracks on the A-side. My favourite is the second track, awkwardly titled "Treme Dous. Passionaly Ragûati" , - although I suspect it's just a version of "Yobalema"....

Bellot C003 (new link November 10, 2012)


Anonymous said...


There are two songs "Sidi Ndiaye& Sibaye" plays by Dieuf Dieul from Dakar Sound CD vol.9 "Meanwhile in thiès" with Royal Band.
I think probably it's the same group.

In any case, it's really great to discover other versions because "A sweet pleasant woman"&"Competitor" are the same songs than "Wollou"&"Kele Fasan" plays by Guelewar Band of Banjul from LP 'Tasito'.

Thank you very much for sharing and for covers of Canari de Kaolack post at Aduna.


icastico said...

I love the "competitor" track.
Very nice.

noreille said...

I'm speechless! Since track one... That's what I needed when I needed it! Thank you so much for this and some of the fantastic music I'm able to listen to almost daily.

Thank you.

trumpetaaa said...

fantastic music from dieuf dieul many many thanks

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Maybe,another blogger as M. Ndiaye, Wolof speaker, can confirm us something.?

Anonymous said...

The unique mystery of this recording is that is a work of religious character, perhaps Bellot changed the titles when they see the kind of work that was published, without proposing it.

Dieuf dieul are the first words of the phrase of Cheikh Ibrahima Fall, the work is part of the religion, (wolof: Dieuf Dieul, ligey tchi jaamou yalla bokk)

1 Galo sung in Poular (the one that I like more) is the typical epic of the expansion of the Fulbes by the Futta Toro, following the 2 Treme… (in wolof) I also listen, sama doom yobalema (my children yobalema) and remembers that melody.

3 Khadim is a subject of praise to Amadou Bamba the founder of Senegal Mouride Brotherhood or one of its descendants.

"Khadim khadimou" servant of (Mohamed)the servant(of God).

4 Character,still singing the same words, I do not know if this is the continuation of the previous topic or another version.

5 A S.P.Woman I think it deals with the resistance to the conquest of the toubabu, thanks to the power of belief.

6 Competitor,I think is a sung in Mandinka, on the same subject matter,in the track before. (homme-religious)

Anonymous said...

This very nice tape is strange.
I'm agree with you, it seems that last two songs are performed by another group. Thiol is right, these two pieces are classics from the legendary Guelewar.
One thing seems sure for me, Moussa Ngom (Guelewar former leader and member of Super Diamono thereafter) sings on both tracks.
Anyway, thank you.

chris m. said...

a legendary tape from monsieur bellot's hall of mirrors, and supeb music. thanks for this.

bellot/gueye sad there was an album of this name, never seen that one, but have seen silk screened super diamano records at his place that i have never seen ANYWHERE else, so god knows if there is another layer to the senegalese discography, would be nice.

dieuf dieul can be translated as 'you get what you give', i was told by several sengalese

Unknown said...

Wonderful !

I am very pleased to find here songs that are quite impossible to get in Senegal.
For this Album I think its made by a group from Senegambie (Moussa Ngom).
I will ask a friend Dj in a radio station in Senegal in order to get more informations to share.
Thank you again with these nice songs.
Is it possible to get song of Thione Seck like Ballago, Djirim...

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic a comment from Senegal for the strange tape is what I expected.

@ Tounka, you can write to my mail,to talk of Djirim.

∆₪₠ѕ†я₳Ⱡ ≈ щѦᵫϨ said...

eternally grateful for this k7, such great gems, specially "khadim", love it!!! thanks a lot for your diggings man :thumbsup:

- track [B2. A Sweet Pleasant Woman] is actually "Wollou" by "Guelewar Band of Banjul";

- track [B3. Competitor] is actually "Kele Fasane" by "Guelewar Band of Banjul";

- the song "Character" is actually "Khadim", can't quite know for sure if it's a different version or the continuation of side A;

Once again can't thank you enough for this wonderful music, PEACE!!!

∆₪₠ѕ†я₳Ⱡ ≈ щѦᵫϨ said...

Some new findings about this tape. :)

- "Galo" is definitely a Dieuf-Dieul song, you can see the band perform this song live on this video @1h17m, don't know who's the singer in the tape version though...

- "Treme Dous, Passionaly Raguati" singer is Gora Mbaye

- "Khadim" and "Character" are the same song and the singer is also Gora Mbaye

- The other 2 songs are obviously from Guelewar...

WrldServ said...

@∆₪₠ѕ†я₳Ⱡ ≈ щѦᵫϨ: Thanks for these clarifications!