March 31, 2009

Moussolou (2)

I can get really annoyed by those who consider Oumou Sangaré to be the first Malian artist to sing about women's issues. Those who have visited the country will agree that there is not (and has never been) a lack of 'strong' women in Mali. I would even go so far as to state that the country has managed to survive mainly by the efforts of the female population.

The plight of women has been the subject of great singers long before Oumou. The topics may have changed with the times, but the message has remained essentially the same.
All things considered Kandia Kouyaté has always been a symbol of the determination and strength of Malian women and doesn't even have to sing about women to achieve this. One only has to look at her, performing on Malian television at the age of 18, to see the incredible personality and power of this Grand Dame of Malian music. Here she is in another video from the early 1980s, a song entitled "Moussolou" (women)...

You may have noted that I have added the chat with presenter Zoumana Yoro Traoré. Even if you don't understand a word of Bambara you will have to acknowledge the confidence shown by this young star...

Her first lp, recorded with the help of fan and sponsor Amary Daou, offers more proof of this confidence and of Kandia's strong personality. Just listen how she announces the titles of the tracks.
My favourite track on this is the last, but there are really no weaker tracks on this great album by one of Mali's alltime superstars.

In the near future I will post more music and more videos of Kandia, including some material which has not been previously released.

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Anonymous said...

A few days ago I listened to Boncana Maiga in an interview in which he recalled his career in Ivory Coast, at the return from cuba, recalled its record productions with young Malian singers as Nahawa Doumbia, Ami Koita or Kandia Kouyate.
Not expected to have the opportunity to hear the first Kandia LP, which has proved to be fantastic,thanks.

By the way,there is any country in the world, able to survive without the efforts of the female population.?

Anonymous said...

I have a cassette I purchased in Mali and later posted on Awesome tapes from Africa by Kandja Kouyate. She sounds simalar- awesome pipes. Is it the same artist?

WrldServ said...

Is this the tape that is erroneously labelled "Kandja Kouyaté et l'Ensemble Instrumental du Mali", suggesting that Kandia was singing with the Ensemble Instrumental National? The cassette is indeed by Kandia, but with her own ensemble.
As I wrote I will post more of this great singer later.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Managed to get this to download at the fifth attempt - persistence pays. (I have an iffy connection, not your fault.) Bought a tape copy of this in Albert Market, Banjul, in 2000 but found it was unplayable, so I'm REALLY glad to get it!

Much gratitude!


Anonymous said...

That's a very nice video of Kandia, too. Thanks. Her timing reminds me of great gospel singers like Dorothy Norwood


Momo said...

Thanks again WorldServer for this post and Big Up for Kandia Kouyate.

I hope she is doing fine now after suffering from a stroke in the late 2004 which kept her out the scene for over 3 years.
I think she is back with another album.
look at this french article

Anonymous said...

I know that is difficult to carry out the projects, but have unreleased songs of Djeli Kandia, would be wonderful.
Thank you.