March 14, 2009

Black and White

I haven't been posting as much as would have liked. This is mainly due to the hosting situation. In the near future I will probably move to a more reliable setup, i.e. a 'dedicated' hosting service (any useful tips are welcome). But for the moment, I'll continue as before.

This post is a direct result of an earlier post about Amara Touré. Our good friend Zim was helpful then by supplying a colour copy of the sleeve to replace my rather shoddy photocopy. Later, he sent me these wonderful singles by Amara Touré and his Orchestre du Black and White.

Although some of these six tracks are of a disappointing quality, they have only increased my curiosity. I would certainly like to know more about Amara Touré, and about this superb orchestra. I can only guess that the Black and White was a bar or restaurant, because I can't find any solid information about the band.

My favourite is the track "N'niyo"*, of which I already had a copy on a mysterious cassette from Guinea. Vocally one of the highlights of Touré's (known) repertoire, with an overall excellent performance by all musicians (note the great percussion!).

Amara Toure 45s

Thanks again for these singles, Zim!

*the "2" seems to be a superfluous addition to the title.


Anonymous said...

Excellent item,as always...
Thank you again and again...Be good!!!
Kostas from Greece.

trumpetaaa said...

great music from amara toure !!!! thank you thank you

Mouhamadou Falilou Mbacke Ndiaye said...

Wonderful music from Amara Toure. I used to hear him in Senegal with the song Lamento Cubana, which, by the way, is awesome. Thanks for the post

zim said...

yep the "2" in n'niyo is extraneous - had two rips, the second was slightly better.

I'm more than glad to give back to this wonderful blog, hope others do as well.

david said...

Analog Africa has just announced they will be releasing a compilation of Amare Toure (via their facebook page). So that should be something to look forward too....their liner notes are top-notch. Thanks for posting these and all the other treasures you share with us.