February 04, 2009

The young lioness

Teningnini Damba (who surely must be 'Tenin' by now*) has built her whole career on the repertoire of her father, the legendary 'Vieux Lion' Bazoumana Sissoko. She has reworked and rearranged a great number of his songs, and has had quite a bit of success in Mali and with Malians outside of Mali.
I can imagine it may be hard for an outsider to understand the appeal of her work. Because she doesn't have the voice of a nightingale (unless you count nightingales of the Nigerian or Congolese variety) or the accompanying group of Hawa Dramé.

So it must be the legacy of her father.
Bazoumanaba's version of the song in this video was released on the second of the two Bärenreiter-Musicaphon lp's (BM 30 L 2553). The sleeve notes read: "Sarafo really originates from Moorish folk-lore; but it has also been sung for Siaka Traoré at Kémè-Na near Barawili".
Need I say more?

* the "ini" bit of the name means "little", as in "young".


Anonymous said...

Beautiful video.
Whith a young Bassekou Kouyate.

Attention to the girl that appears in the middle of the chorus is probabily Nanou Coul, the Banzoumana granddaughter. (her second cassette call Sabali is fantastic)

Anonymous said...

Take a look of the decoration,the same courtains that in Farka (1).


P.D Waiting for Farka (2).

WrldServ said...

There are lots of videos with the same curtain in the background. If I am not mistaken (but I haven't checked this), it also appears in the Karamoko video...
Malians here tell me the girl on the right is a sister of Tenin, but I have no way of verifying this.

What do you mean by "Waiting for Farka (2)"? Video?
There is plenty of Farka to come, including some private recordings.

Anonymous said...

The curtains were just an excuse to talk about the Ali post (I have the full video).
And for your words on it.
(I'll post the second one later if you like).

The video Karamoko Keita, I love it, but I jumped for Tasidoni, to listen Tassi Doni of Super Biton and forgot the comment.(but not the same courtains)

As the girl,I´ll try to get more information from the Malien cassette seller,that told me that kinship with Nanou Coul and Banzoumana Sisokko.
I do not hear Moorish sounds in Serafo but Soninke, I think I have ever heard sing this theme to
Mah Damba,(in his repertoire she includes some Soninke folklor).

WrldServ said...

Ah, I think you have misunderstood what I wrote. I wrote: "It is one of two volumes produced by Mahmoudou Maïga in Bamako (I'll post the second one later if you like)." I was referring to the cassette, and not to a video.

And I will certainly dedicate posts to Mah Damba (who is not just a Great singer, but also a very nice person - as is her husband Mamaye).

Anonymous said...

I was referring to the cassette too.

For the video,I have the complete funy video that you post incomplete in Farka(1),did you have it ?...

WrldServ said...

No, I don't have never seen a complete version of that video. Is it viewable online somewhere? Or do you have it in digital form?

Anonymous said...

Do you have any sound of her DAD?

Unknown said...

Wow, nice to see a young bassekou... But the singer in the middle looks like Amy Sacko wouldn't you agree? Which would make her Banzumana's grand daughter in law. Amazing video, thanks for posting