February 12, 2009


I was going to post this two days ago, but the upload to YouTube took to long, so I didn't have time to finish it.

Here is another video from the same concert as "Yayoroba" by Oumou Sangaré. The concert was recorded by Malian television in 1988, - so from the earliest part of Oumou's professional career.

The song "Saya magnin"(which can be loosely translated as "Death sucks") is based on a traditional from the hunters (donso*) music of the Wassoulou region, but is a 'popular' theme in other Malian musical styles too.
Unfortunately the song breaks of after just over four and a half minutes.

*This is the official spelling. It is often pronouced as "dozo".


Anonymous said...

¡Can´t be to, Saya magni,the dead is terrible?


Beautiful live version on the tribute to Ali Farka Toure.

But now i prefer the new album SEYA,the happiness.

Anonymous said...

Can we get her new album SEYA ?
that would be wonderful.

WrldServ said...

@anonymous: The answer is a clear "no"! If I am not mistaken, you are referring to an album which can be bought in any record shop (or is about to be released).
I have no intention of sharing albums which are freely available.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous:Oumou is making a great effort,to parking her family to bring us her new album.
We can only thank her,by buying the music.

The track I have proposed is free,thanks to the Foundation of Ali Farka Toure.


@worldservice:I see that the label is Sikasso,can you comment it,please?
Ahh¡ Donso really better for searches in the Net.

WrldServ said...

@Ngoni: The Sikasso label is not a reference to the place Oumou was born (if I remember correctly she was born in Bamako), but the origin of her musical roots.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, I love Oumou and always learning something new in the blog I was thinking some kind of secret in the label.

george said...

Thanks for your blog - it's great for all lovers of African music. By the way^ Oumou Sangare will be on stage in June in African festival (Wurzburg, Germany). And also Toure Kunda, Khaled and great Salif Keita. Hope I will be there (already have ordered a tickets). Do you know about this festival?
George from Moscow