February 03, 2009


Personally I can never get enough of the music of Haruna Ishola. Listening to the master of apala music I can easily loose track of time and even surroundings. And this without the aid of any other sensory stimulants....

I am sure the quality of his recordings are beneficial in reaching this 'mental oasis'. But the main reason is the music itself, which is in my opinion best described by the French "posé". I will go as far as to say that the meaning of the word "posé" is best illustrated by the music of Haruna Ishola.

I am told that there is much more going on in this music for those 'in the know'. And I suppose this is an ever decreasing group of Nigerians that understand all the proverbs (mainly containing moral messages), - and not just the ones in the lyrics, but also those expressed by the talking drums.
Come to think of it, maybe this music is full of subliminal messages!!

I already feel a lot better about not understanding the words....

Star Records SRPS 26

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Anonymous said...

true true never get enough of haruna ishola thanks very much
& thanks for all other fantastic cassettes & lp's you share here