January 21, 2009

Volume One

This a quick post. Having already posted the second volume of the wonderful Touba Auto K7's featuring Number One de Dakar, it's time for the first volume.

I refer you to Aduna's site for more cassettes from the same remarkable label, and, if no one else will, I will post some more volumes of other orchestras in the (not too distant, if I can find more time) future.

Strangely, two tracks of this volume ("Adouna" and "Guantanamera") were repeated on the second. Apart from a difference in speed, which may be due to the physical condition of the tapes, I think the tracks are the same.
And the last note of "Mambay Fary" is missing, which may suggest that my copy is a pirate version.

But it's still a very enjoyable cassette.

Touba Auto K7 Vol.1


Neu Mejican said...

Is this a cassette only label? These two volumes and the Guelewar II de Banjul that Aduna posted are all really good (you don't have vol 1. from Guelewar do you?). Seems like a label begging for re-release in more modern formats.

WrldServ said...

The "K7" (French & pronounced: "ka-sette") certainly suggests that it was a cassette only label, and I have never seen vinyl from this label.
A number of the tracks have been re-released on Dakar Sound (recommended).

I don't have the first Guelewar.

NGONI said...


Que calentito ¡¡

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

wonderful ka-sette
number one is number one
many many thanks

thiol said...

Hi WrldServ!
Excellent blog!

Long since i searched those rares ToubaK7 prod.(vol.1&2)of extraordinary Number One de Dakar.
Now,i enjoy to listen them!
Thanks too! for all posts Sénégal.
I'm looking for old senegalese music continually...

Thank you very much for sharing!

honkyfish.com said...

thank you so much for sharing !

Anonymous said...

Downloaded this last night. Wow! Wunnerful! Thanks a bundle Worldservice!


chris m. said...

sooooooooo good! makes me wanna be at a nightclub in dakar (sahel would do), ice cold gazelle in hand, ceeb jen down the hatch, glint of brass ensuring a decent sound for the night, talking nonsense at the bar, buying laba sosseh another drink, pinching myself to check i am not dreaming.

this music is just heads and shoulders above most other african stuff, and i really love all african, but god this is the stuff!