January 07, 2009

Tender Love

I shouldn't be posting this now. It's cold outside, here in Holland, and most Dutch people are thinking about skating and other 'wintry delights'(brrrrrrr).

I prefer to dream away with this wonderful cassette by the Super Star de Dakar, featuring the voice of Laba Sosseh and the sax of Dexter Johnson.

Ahh, that's more like it. I'm getting warmer now.

A little salsa? - Okay.
"Caramelo A Kilo"? - Sure
"El Dengue"? - Let's get wild!
"Tender Love"? - Yeahhhhhhh......

GBC 3816 (new link Nov.10, 2012)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, lovely. I guess this record was recorded after the materials compiled by Dakar Sound?



trumpetaaa said...

yes yes lovely cassette
many thanks

BarryB said...

Echala Salsita is a delight. When they start going towards the end with four separate lines, two vocals and two instrumentals, building steam and just flying away with the thing, it just makes you wish you were there when they were actually performing live.

c-record said...

the track titled 'Tendor Love' on this album is one of the best covers of Kako's boogaloo "Shingaling Shingaling" I've ever heard! A true Afro-Cuban gem!