January 26, 2009


I hope you are not thinking that I have stopped posting. This is not the case. We are experiencing an outbreak of the flu, and family matters have taken priority at this moment.
I assume we are not the only victims of this nasty virus. So here is some music that will certainly cheer you up, and that even may transform a burning fever into a feeling of rosy intoxication.

Should you -once you have vanquished the infectious enemy- wish to be informed about the background to these wonderful recordings, I advise you to visit the blog of the Voice Of America.

The music is brought to you by the Orchestre de Danse from Gueckédou, better known as the Kébendo Jazz. According to the label the recordings for this (Tempo LP-7013) and the second (Tempo LP-7014, subject of a future post) record were made in 1961 and released in 1964. By then the orchestra had triumphed in the 1963 edition of the Festival National des Arts et de la Culture, - the first festival to have a competition for orchestras.

I especially like the dreamy boleros ("Sewara", "Bessawa" and the classic "Mama"), with the matching falsetto of Mamady Traoré.
With this music, you may even enjoy having the flu!

Tempo LP-7013


reservatory said...

THANKS for all your posts, especially the Guinean Tempo stuff. I've been collecting the Syliphone LPS for several years, but never really dreamed I'd get to hear the Tempo recordings. Keep it up!!

John B. said...

Matt Lavoie over at the VOA African Music Treasures blog discussed the Tempo recordings a couple of posts ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again and take care of the family.

WrldServ said...

@John B.: If you read the post, you will see I did refer to the blog you mention (and even put in a link...). I even checked with Graeme C. if he knew of plans to re-release these recordings.

reservatory said...

In my happy delirium, I failed to realize that my recent Tempo downloads actually came from VOA. At any rate, you've posted a complete lp, so a huge thanks is still due. Again, keep it up??!!

John B. said...

Oops! I was so excited to download the music, I neglected to read the whole post!

Anonymous said...

wonderful music as usual here
many thank yous

Anonymous said...

Seems everyone got the flu this year....take care of yourself. You have been such a prolific poster that I am still working my way through your older posts discovering new wonders. Thae Johnny Bokelo. Just wonderful.

NGONI said...

Hoping that your health become quick restored and taking advantage of the break, I've reviewed a little the blog, after finding again that anonymous seeking for Banzoumana Sissoko so long, I thought maybe this link will help a little in your work.

Health and greetings.


Anonymous said...

This band is hot!

Please post the other album!

Lemmy said...

ah! i have been treasuring the few recordings of this orchestra i recorded back in the 1990s from radio one hundred. indeed wonderfully melancholic and dreamy stuff. in fact i was modestly going to request this, but you were ahead of me. this is just superb, a long-time wish going into fullfillment.
in regard of syliphone, you might be interested to have a peep here:
(registering is required)


i am not sure though if there is anything new to find for your vast collection, but who knows
and thank you as well for all those other beautiful and exceptional things you have been offering us

Frans said...

Hello worldservice!
Thanks a terrible lot for all the music you're sharing, you must have an immense collection, and a similar love for this muic.
Only didn't have time last weeks, so missed this one, the adrive-link says it's no longer available.
Any chance for a re-upload somewhere?
Greetings, Frans

WrldServ said...

@Frans: Thanks for letting me know.
I have no idea why Adrive is showing this message, because I have certainly not 'unshared' this file. I will try and correct this later today. I will let you know through these comments when the file is available again.

WrldServ said...

The problem has been resolved. It was all my own fault (yes): I used "é" in the filename.
I have uploaded the file to another (faster?) server now, but that was really necessary.