January 02, 2011


At the beginning of this new year I would like to wish you all the very best!

I am starting this year with some music from a country which has so far remained unmentioned in this blog. There is a very good reason for this: I know next to nothing about it, can't read and don't understand a word of arabic, and a generally a total stranger to the - no doubt - wide range of cultures in this vast country. I have never been to Sudan, and the cassette I would like to share with you was not bought in Sudan. Well, at least not in the country we now call "Sudan". The cassette (on the right) does carry an indication of where it was bought: "BMDA" stands for "Bureau Malien du Droit d'Auteur". So the cassette was bought in the early 1990s in the former French Sudan. In fact, there were quite a few cassettes of Sudanese music available in Mali, and I may post another later.

You can read more about the artists featured on this cassette, Al Balabil, on the GhostCapital blog, although I hasten to add that the information is limited, and I get very itchy when African artists are labelled as African versions of western stars (in this case "The Supremes of Sudan" - aaaaarghh!).

cassette 1169 (or here) (new links January 22, 2012)

I have no video of this female vocal trio, but I do have some videos of other Sudanese artists. One of my favourites is this one, by Kamal Tarbas, of whom many videos can be found on YouTube.
I just love the relaxed 'ambiance' of this video, recorded (sometime in the 1980s) on the banks of the Blue (or White?) Nile. And the music is simply wonderful.


øשlqæda said...

amazing as usual. thanks in kind

nicholab said...

a huge thanks to you. as to the supremes thing, from what i've gathered, that comparison appears to be fairly standard-issue.

icastico said...

I think it is difficult to condemn the "X of Y" comparisons out of hand.

The Supreme's were the most popular/important girl group of the US at one time. The most popular/important girl group of country X can be properly called "The Supreme's of X" without referencing the music itself at all.

Momo said...

Finally Zany Diabate gave up! He died in the coma


jan duinkerken said...

glad to hear music from sudan.
thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wrong place to post this, but Lessa Lassan, whose single you featured sometime back in this blog, passed away last week.

From my recollection he was with Dr. Nico's African Fiesta sukisa, he relocated to Kenya in the late 70s and had been performing with different expatriate congolese bands ever since.


VicDiesel said...

Cool music. Much more Arabic than African. The vocals sound African, but the orchestra is very much Arabic in its approach to ensemble playing.

gerrit said...

hee stefanovitch, hier een compliment uit Fryslan. Ik heb je site ontdekt, tijdens een zoektocht (nouja, google intoets) naar orch Yapi (Kingcorn Band).
alleen begrijp ik de .rar files niet zo, dwz mij mac weet er geen raad mee. Kunnen we ook naar je opladen?
hartelijke groet voor Tanya & el nino (zal wel flinke muchacho zijn nu...)

WrldServ said...

@Gerrit: Hola amigo en el pais de las vacas! Is rarexpander dan iets? Zo niet, mail me dan via mailadres in profiel.

Kian said...

cool stuff. checked up on this portal after a while and it looks super good! gotta get diggin

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Any chance you can upload this to another sharing site, since the Megaupload link doesn't work anymore? Thanks!

WrldServ said...

@Anonymous: Thanks for letting me know!
I have replaced the links with two new ones (to be on the safe side).

Vodem said...

Thanks for re-posting the music (I was "anonymous")!

Francis Jan said...

Merci pour cette cassette, en connaîtriez-vous la date à peu près ? Très belle musique en vérité !

Thanx for this tape, would you know the year approximately ? I highly appreciate this music !

WrldServ said...

@Francis Jan: Sorry for the late reply. I have absolutely no idea of the dating of this cassette. Guessing, I would say sometime during the early 1980s.