January 17, 2011

Panoramic interlude

I suppose this is not the most spectacular compilation of Senegalese music imaginable, but in the 1980s it did fill a gap in my appetite for more, after getting into contact with the likes of Number One and the early Etoile records.

Omar Pene's vocals in "Bass" still manage to pierce through concrete walls, as they did when I first heard this decades ago. And Baobab's "Utru Horas", titled "Loi Di Nos" in this collection, is still cool enough to elicit a kiss from my wife. I prefer the version of "Sutukum" by Canari de Kaolack on Touba Auto K7 because of the exaggerate stereo. On this album it seems to have been 'corrected', - which is a pity...
But, as I said, it is an interlude.

Bellot MCA 306 (new link July 25, 2014)


Mouhamadou Falilou Mbacke Ndiaye said...

Great post. I was looking for that lp for years. Thanks for sharing

internetbob said...

Thx great post

thiol said...

Excellent post!
I was looking for this compilation for long time.
Thanks for sharing this rarity.

Chris Jackson said...

Very nice, though I agree about Track 3. Particularly like the Canari, but it does seem familiar. I've not heard of the group though.

Anonymous said...

Canari, was a great band, they did 4 cassettes. I have in my possession all their Reels with their recordings and the sound is fantastic, nothing like the cassettes or this LP.

Adamantios Kafetzis

zim said...

@ Adamantios

One of Canari's tapes (as well as many senegalese treasures) is here:


is this one of the 4 you refer to? I would love to hear more from them, as what i have heard from Aduna's page and from Dakar Sound has been great

Anonymous said...

to Zim,

Yes this is more than one of the tapes, the other stuff they did is similar to these tracks, but the quality recording is top, nothing like what you get from this site. You get only the 50% of the sound on the link you sent. Great band!!!

Adamantios Kafetzis

zim said...

@ Adamantios - are you planning to re-release their music? and is Diamonoye tiopité going to be available in the US?

Anonymous said...

To Zim

Yes I am planning to release a Canari album in the future. About the Diamonoye album, we are trying to put it in the US market but is not easy. Please contact me personally on my email, you will find it in the www.terangabeat.com site.

Adamantios Kafetzis

LeFranck said...

I'm really missing your weekly releases.
Hoping for some Congolese special :-)


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this. I used to have the LP but it got lost in a house move. CAn't wait to hear it again.

aduna said...

@ Adamantios & Zim,

Please, please, please,

Let me know, inform, listen your project. I'm such a fan!!!

@ Worldservice,

Many thanks for your great work... Read your post is a pleasure (even despite my bad english)


Anonymous said...

To Aduna,

You can contact me whenever you want. Visit my site.


Eunice said...

I really enjoyed your postings and would love to see them back again. Please carry on!

Anonymous said...

Es posible subir otra vez "esta joya" ?
El Enlace no es válido y es un cisco de coleccionista

WrldServ said...

@Anonymous (the last one): the link has been renewed. Thanks for informing me!