May 01, 2010

Take off

With covers like this there is little need for a lot of words. And I am not just referring to the stewardess on the front, but also to the sleeve notes on the back. They are included in a slightly larger form than usual.
All four titles on this EP are by The Springbok Dance Band. The vinyl of this EP seems to have suffered some water damage which has left its mark clearly on the left channel. As the records were intended for mono playing I have copied the right channel to the left where the noise gets too much.

Philips 420.006 PE

The second EP has tracks by two bands: The Black Beats led by King Bruce and E.K.'s Band led by E.K. Nyame (see this earlier post). Again I refer to the sleeve notes, - although these are a bit silly, if you ask me....



gracenotes said...

Many thanks. Both excellent and fascinating EPs, especially the HMV, not least because the two bands are better known for their work for other labels. I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard E.K.’s band with a clarinet before! I agree with your comment of the sleeve notes, especially the insistence on using the words ‘settlers’ and ‘cotton pickers’, rather than ‘captives’ and ‘slaves.’

Lord Stranger said...

Great records - thanks very much!