May 04, 2010


Here is another video by the Ensemble Instrumental National du Mali, and again the leading singer is Djelimadi Sissoko II.
But this time the video, probably recorded in the 1990s by Malian television, is in colour.

The song performed is "Soundiata", the Manding epic. The older female singer, by the way, is Nantenedie Kamissoko.

I just love these huge chorusses and the full squadron of instrumentalists, and it's even better live (so if you ever get a chance...).


urijenny said...


Cómo puedo descargar el video?


WrldServ said...

I would advise the use of Firefox and one of the many add-ons that allows you to download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion and such. But I am sure there are other methods too...

Baraka Manani said...

thank you. this [ the soundiata epic] means a whole lot to me.

Anonymous said...


Djelimadi Sissoko II.

Any insights who is Djelimadi Sissoko I?

Which one is the "prince du mandingue" as beeing at the two albums from the Disco Club de Bagoue?

WrldServ said...

@Anonymous: Djelimadi Sissoko I is the legendary kora player, and father of Ballaké. I had explained this in the earlier post about the Ensemble Instrumental National.
Djelimadi Sissoko II recorded several 'solo' records, including those recorded in Abidjan (under the name of Djelimadi Cissoko).

Anonymous said...

I also was looking for information of Djelimadi Sissoko 2, I thought his voice is flavored with the Kela way, the track (Ivoire records)you give us has led me to find the albums,

Sissoko Djelimadi No. 2 Mandingue du Prince - Volume 1 and Volume 2.
With audio excerpts but nothing about about its origin.

But more surprising is that in the color video he looks younger and the voice is different.

To venture into the epic of Sundiata think it's better this and a little summary for those who read in Spanish here.

Anonymous said...

I' ve got "Cissoko Djelimadi No. 2 Mandingue du Prince - Volume 1" - with the red cover.
Its back says:

"Encore une fois, le Disco-Club de la BAGOUE vous présente un grand artiste malien: il' s'agit de DJELIMADI CISSOKO, l' un des plus grands chanteurs de l' ensemble instrumentale du Mali.

En effet, DJELIMADI CISSOKO est né 1933 à KEGNEBA, dans le cercle de KAYES en République du Mali.
Dés son jeune âge, il commence à chanter et a apprendre quelques instruments tels que la citare, la cora, la guitare, etc. .... ."

Titres: Face A: L' arbre magique
Face B 1 Laminiba, 2 Soumaya

Hope you understand french...

WrldServ said...

@Anonymous: I have a (Malian) cassette version of that lp, which I am hoping to post in the future. The birthplace (near Kayes) largely confirms Ngoni's suspicions.
I had thought he was a bit younger though...

For those who don't understand french: "un des plus grands chanteurs de l' ensemble instrumentale du Mali" = "one of the greatest singers of the Ensemble Instrumental of Mali".

Anonymous said...

Me again - re Ensemble Instrumental National.
Is there a discography available, ideally with the musicains's name? It's been founded about 1962...

I'm aware of the 3 Mali Kunkan albums, all from 1977 - Sundiata, Dah-Monzon and the third with Laidu - that song with leadsinger Djeli Madi Sisoko.

Then the Première anthologie de la musique malienne, Vol 4, at Bärenreiter-Musicaphon and finally the Musolu, which dates from 1983. and is titled Vol 4 as well.

Recycler said...

The album Djelimadi Cissoko n°2 (Prince du Mandinge) et son Ensemble "Vol 1" (LP, Disco Club de la Bagoue F.T. 004) you can find on this !! highly recommended !! new African blog Les Disques Africains here. (posted last week)
There you can find more very rare records (all incl. cover or labels)


Anonymous said...

@African Music Recycler

A much appreciated information, did not know this fascinating place, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nantenendie Kamissoko rehearsing with the orchestra.