March 14, 2010

Sekouba Diabaté

I'm afraid this post may add some confusion. This Sekouba Diabaté is not from Guinea, like Bambino or Bembeya (a.k.a. 'Diamond Fingers'), but from Mali.

Apart from this fact, I know nothing about this artist.

Well, that's not really true. I know he has made a wonderful cassette with four beautiful tracks to sooth the nerves of the nervous and relax the stressed, but also to console the worried and lift up the depressed. The ingredients of this cassette are simple: ngoni, guitar, a female chorus and a male singer. The magic is in the execution.

The choice of repertoire is not spectacular, with versions of the Mandé epics "Soundiata", "Djandjon", "Douga" and "Balla Kamale". The latter of these songs suggests that this artist may be connected to the Kela Diabaté's (Siramori and family). But I am just guessing....

I have had this cassette nearly two decades, and its 'posé' rhythms have helped me through some rough patches.

Super Sound SS 65


Lemmy said...

Ah! Yet one more of these records that make this site so exquisite. Love this one right from the start. Bare to the bone vulnerability, yet by no means naive and that by an unknown artist - at least for me as well. Great how the female voice comes in at the very end of those first two tracks, as if to shed another light on an epic story just told. Thank you.

goui said...

Masterpiece !!!!!!

David said...

Not just '' version of Soundiata but a very beautiful one! Loved this, thank you!!