March 07, 2010

Homme orchestre

To some the label "homme orchestre" ("one man orchestra") may conjure up images of great musicians, but I am more inclined to think of rather sad performances in hollow-sounding, wind-ridden underground stations. And I am not suggesting these don't have a certain nostalgic charm. But good music, naaah.

Ismael Lo recorded this cassette in 1981, while he was still playing with Super Diamono. He had been invited to join this band two years earlier, but Ismael's heart was more into Art (he had studied painting). He continued however with Super Diamono until 1984, when he left for Spain to start a career as a painter. One can only assume that this didn't go as well as he expected, because he was soon back recording another album, and has been involved in many more solo projects since.

To tell you the truth, I have no patience for his work after this cassette. His later work is too pretentious for my liking.
But this cassette still has a certain innocence, which makes it (just) enjoyable. I have had this cassette for years, and there have been periods when I started screaming when I heard it, but - perhaps as a result of the mellowing which comes with age (it does?) - it has fallen into favour again.

This said I still get images of hollow-sounding, wind-ridden tunnels of underground stations when listening to Lo playing his guitar and harmonica.....

Bellot Records GBC 135

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on this sunny and cold (here in Germany) Sunday.

Your file isn't available any more ...

As I have two Cds from 89 and 91 it woul have been interesting to listen to his earlier output.

Thank's for all you do for us.


WrldServ said...

The link has been restored. I have no idea what happened, but it should be okay now.

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gracenotes said...

Thanks - I'd only heard a couple of his later releases, which were OK, but this is a different matter altogether - very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Encouraged by the persuasive presentation and cheerful face of the tape, I tried a new listening, the truth is that when I heard the LP I found a little sad, perhaps this time I liked.

Despite the age,the reality is can't digest it (the worst when phrasing In The House Of The Rising Sun), it might sound better in tunnels of underground stations but still do not like.

For me Ismael Lo is fine with Super Diamono, in Xalat, Xiff and Natt still retain his innocence and has good moments, but now simply reprising his roles.

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