December 24, 2009

Salia Koroma

This post is about goosebumps. This is what I get from visiting, a site dedicated entirely to Salia Koroma, a Mende accordionist from Sierra Leone.

I can only bow to so much thoroughness.
I have nothing to add to this site except this cassette which I copied from a friend who visited Sierra Leone in the 1980s. The cassette does not have a title, only "Salia Koroma # 40".

As an illustration of nikiibu's thoroughness I add a video borrowed from his/her site. For others, and for more of and about Salia Koroma I humbly refer you to

EDIT June 11, 2013: The link has been renewed.


lemmycaution said...

thank you Stefan for yet another terrific and enlightening post and for so many more before. the site you have mentioned is indeed a bit of a revelation - for the first i can follow a griot's epic (although i don't know, strictly speaking. if griot is the right word for a storyteller in Sierra Leone).
there is more Salia Koroma here:

amongst an incredible wealth of recordings
i have recorded the 7 sides by Salliah and his Accordian (i must be very mistaken if this is not the same man) - recorded for Decca West Africa and taken the liberty of putting them together and posting them here:

on the subject of goosebumps, accordeon and christmas - might there be any more petit moussa in your archives? this would be highly welcomed! but then, this goes for everything you have made available here so far.

nikiibu said...

Thanks for the mention. The 'thoroughness' is my effort to understand Salia, and I didn't (I still don't) think his artistry deserves anything less than a constant questioning of his work.

Lemmy, 'Salliah & His Accordion' and 'Salia Koroma' refer to the same person. I guess there was a time when it was ok to identify him by his instrument.

WrldServ said...

@Lemmy: I wish I had more Petit Moussa, but I'm afraid the cassette I posted earlier is all I have been able to find (so far).
There will some special stuff coming up though...

bathmate said...

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NIKIIBU said...

WrldServ, I've only recently had a listen to the Salia Koroma tape you put up. I was wondering if you'd allow me to use the image that came with it.
While I've seen it before (in Heribert Hinzen's book "Fishing in the Rivers of Sierra Leone," Univ. of S/Leone, 1985, it didn't strike me then as it does now.
Let me hear from you. Cheers, Nikiibu.

WrldServ said...

@nikiibu: I'm not sure what you mean, but you can use whatever you like.