December 24, 2009

Catchy Rhythms 1

This record should get you in the right spirit for Christmas. It is the first of two volumes; the second will follow in a few days. This volume features Nigerian highlife legends like Bobby Benson, Steven Amechi (both with two songs) and Julius (J.O.) Araba.

There are only eight songs on this 10 inch lp, but all of these are great. There is plenty of variety too, from the more typical English/pidgin nightclub songs like Bobby Benson's evergreens "Taxi Driver" and "Gentleman Bobby" and the brilliantly dated "Nylon Dress" by Steven Amechi to the more juju-like "Iyawo ma pa mi" performed by Julius Araba and his Rhythm Blues and the dramatic "Ariwo" of Chris Ajilo and his Cubanos.

Personal favourites are the two songs by Steven Amechi and his Empire Rhythm Skies, and especially "Igbo konnga". Great music for winding down and mellowing out to the good-will-to-all-mankind level required for a Happy Christmas.

Philips P 13400 R

PS: the scan of the back of the sleeve is rather poor and illegible. I would be grateful if someone (anyone) could supply us with a better, readable copy.

UPDATE: Jan has sent a very readable scan of the backside of the sleeve. The scan can be found here.


jan duinkerken said...

hello wrldsrv whereto can i send the scan?

WrldServ said...

Thanks for the scan, Jan!

gracenotes said...

Beautiful - a great period in Nigerian music, and there's not that much easily available, so this is a particular pleasure. The track by J.O. Oyeshiku and his Rainbow Quintet is especially wonderful.