September 27, 2008

Interprétation Comparée

It's over 20 years ago that I made a series of programmes for Dutch VPRO radio based on this weekly show from the Radio Télévision Guinéenne in Guinea. As the title indicates, in this show versions are compared of a certain track. In this case of the song "Camara Mousso". The comparing is done by the suave voice of Jeannot Williams. And even if you don't understand a word of French you'll enjoy the sound of this man's commentary.
Classic radio from 1987.

Interprétation Comparée (new link April 12, 2015)


zim said...

is there an archive anywhere of your radio show?

Some time ago I was sent a recording of a dutch radio show (however the DJ spoke in English) of early and pre-Syliphone Guinean recordings, and struggled trying to figure out all the tracks and sources (including tracks from SLP 5, GUI 1 and some songs from Kante Manfila on Philips).

I wonder if I may have been listening to one of your broadcasts?

WrldServ said...

If it started with "O.U.A." by the Orch. de Beyla, it was the programme of June 25, 2007. I do have a copy of this.
Send me an email (see About me) and I will forward it to you.

jeanluc said...

Ou, that is very interesting. I listened always to that programm as I could. There was one called "de wilde wereld", "wereldontvanger" and later "mundial", I think and "backline tropical" with live tunes. They had very good reprtages. The tracks in the audio sampler I know, I took on cassette...
Very nice time