September 28, 2008

Super Volta

In a large part of West-Africa Amadou 'Ballaké' Traoré has been a star for ages. It is unfortunate that it is through Ibrahima Sylla's Africando that he is finally getting known (a bit) outside of Africa. I mean, his career started in the 1960s....

I really like his work, and all of it - the early tracks, Sacodis albums and even the Africando tracks. He is one of the few musicians that in my opinion deserves the ridiculously high prices which online shops have the nerve to ask.
I saw that Oriki Music has released a promising looking collection. I haven't heard this yet.

But here are two singles of Amadou Ballaké from his period with the Super Volta orchestra. This man is simply great!


1 comment:

aduna said...

Oriki cd is very good. In french we say " you could buy it with closed eyes".
Thanks for this two ep.