March 31, 2019

Le Poète

Only a year ago we celebrated his 80th birthday with a selection of his work, today we mourn his death.
There are no words for the sadness, the loss, felt at the death of 'Le Poète' Simaro Lutumba Ndomanueno.
The only consolation I can offer is another selection from the extensive legacy of this great composer.

01. Kadima
02. Cedou
03. Presence Na Ngai Ebangisaka I & II
04. Naboyi Bombanda Ya Basi Misato
05. Vaccination
06. On Ne Vit Qu'une Seule Fois
07. Mbanzi Ya Kamundele
08. Desespoir 1 & 2
09. Minuit Eleki Lezi I & II
10. G.G. Yoka
11. Mbawu Nako Recuperer Yo
12. Regina Regina
13. Je Vis Avec Le P.D.G.
14. Monzo 1 & 2
15. Mbongo

In Memoriam Le Poète 19/03/1938 - 30/03/2019


Unknown said...
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niyi said...

rip simaro masiya

one of the most important men in the history of congolese music. seems like he was responsible for bringing in many of the great ok jazz vocalists of the mid 70s including josky, djo mpoyi and diatho lukoki and effectively managed the band after franco moved to belgium in the 80s

i'm still trying to find out if simaro played on some early veve et son ensemble records. I know he wrote okokoma mokristo and na koya na pokwa. did he play the rhythm guitar in any of these records? this part of simaro's history is often ignored...

WrldServ said...

@niyi: you are right. Simaro (and others) joined Verckys to make some recordings, while Franco was in Europe. I have planned a post about this subject.
Later on he 'moonlighted' again and formed Orchestre Mi (see my post from last year).

Issa said...

Thank you very much Sir! You are doing a very great work for african culture, and 'Le Poète' Simaro was a reference for this culture, notably due to his great influence in (T.P.) O.K. Jazz... RIP Monsieur Lutumba Simaro

FrancoPepeKalle said...

Rest in peace Simaro. One great poet of our music. I am very happy to know his songs.

DJ Daudi said...

Very good selection. Thanks.

Muriithi MM said...

Thank You for Sharing

RIP La Poete

Muriithi MM said...

Thank You For Sharing
RIP La Poete

Tagaya Ogosso said...

We'll dearly miss you ��