June 11, 2013

New links

I have refreshed a few of the links that have 'died' in the course of time.
In chronological order:

- that seminal cassette by Abdoulaye Diabaté & le Koulé Star from Koutiala. An absolute must for lovers of that classic Malian orchestra sound, if you ask me (and such a lovely inviting cassette sleeve too..).
- the cassette Super Biton released a few days after the last 'old style' Biennale in 1988. My guess is they thought they had a chance of winning. A good optimistic attitude in general, but in this case not very realistic... In hindsight not a bad cassette though.
- the EP by G.G. Vikey. Still nice. And I have managed to dig up a copy of the front sleeve!
- the recordings of the RTG (Guinée) of the Super Sanankora Sofa de Kérouané. I am in the process of redigitising the video, and Graeme Counsel has also posted a few videos by this orchestra on his YouTube channel.
- perhaps one from the category "holiday slides", but I don't care: the accordion I recorded in Trinidad, Cuba.

- the zany lp by Orchestre Micky-Micky. Congolese music recorded in Nigeria always has that special something, as you perhaps know from all those great Tchico albums that Moos at Global Groove. And this Micky-Micky one is especially special.
- one from heavy-weights of T.P. O.K. Jazz fame: Josky Kiambukuta, Madilu and Malage de Lugendo's lp "So.Pe.Ka.". A classic which will surely get you wiggling.
- volumes 2 and 3 from the series "Les Plus Grands Succès", originally recorded for Ngoma (see Flemming Harrev's discography on http://www.afrodisc.com/). I will come back to these records in the next few weeks.
- by the legend from Sierra Leone, Salia Koroma, his cassette #40. At the Lola Radio blog you can find more from the same 'batch' of cassettes.

- and finally, from Zimbabwe, two cassettes by the Marxist Brothers.

You may have noticed too that I have uploaded a slightly improved version of the legendary Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe's "Festac Explosion Volume 1" a month or so ago.

If you find any more links that have expired, please let me know and I will replace these.


BarryB said...

Thanks a lot for updating these dead links. It's a shame mediafire and other services have played Chicken Little and caused the sky to fall on themselves, but I always thought it was a damn shame those who were shaming from their vast collections took the brunt of the hit. You've done a real service by repairing the portion of damage you've suffered, and those who enjoy great African music.

Ever so looking forward to Micky-Micky, myself.

BarryB said...

Shaming = Sharing. Bah.

throbule said...

Many thanks for refreshing dead links and suchlike, and I must once again say that your is surely the most varied and rewarding blog on the whole internet for classic African music by the very best artists. I am also so impressed by your vast knowledge which has helped me many times.
My grateful thanks for your continued great work - it is much appreciated in my life, and long may you reign!

Tim_H said...

Huge thanks for re-upping the dead links, especially the wonderful Marxist Brothers. Like many others, I appreciate the time and effort you put into the site, for the love of great and largely unavailable music. By the way, the RabidScare link to Festac Explosion 77 is still dead.

Cheers from Cairo, Tim H

WrldServ said...

@Tim_H: I have removed the dead link with Vol.2 of Osadebe's Festac Explosion. RS is too much work for too little performance.

Anonymous said...

thanks! much appreciated