January 15, 2012

San revisited

Following a comment on Youtube claiming - with valid arguments - that the video I posted might not be what I stated it was, I have been tracing the friend who copied the video for me (years & years go). Contributing to my doubts regarding the origins of the groupe in the video was my discovery, on one of my VHS-tapes, of two tracks by "Les artistes de San".
This the first of these:

I am sure you agree that this music is quite different from that of the two tracks I posted earlier.

It appears the two videos where mixed up in copying, because the video from the "artistes de San" was labelled "Nioro". And it seems very likely that the two videos I posted earlier are from a cultural ensemble from that town in the Kayes region near the border with Mauretania.

You may note some similarities with the wonderful Safoura Denou and Seny Sangaré I posted earlier.
I can assure you I have not been fiddling with the sound in this video. The echo (after 4'37) was added by the recording technicians of the RTM.
I love those guys....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Again Stefan, it seems you have some magical secret to choose the songs, I just went through here a moment, in fact I did not dare to listen your last post for fear of being caught, and now I have this song stuck in my head waiting to be identified.
Someone is singing this now, and I even think the same voice, but who?

The worst thing is that I really like the song, I'm lost...