September 08, 2011

Mbaraka on TV

I have to confess it is at times hard to keep up with all the comments that are sent to me both on posts on this weblog and on videos uploaded to Youtube. Although I don't always have the time to react to all of these I can assure you I do read them and do appreciate all the comments* you send in.

The other day a comment was sent to me by a Mr. Msomali, who is - I deduce from his writings - a Tanzanian living in the UK. He wrote about a subject which is also very close to my heart and very high on my (unfortunately extensive) wishlist:
"I want to start the discussion of where the videos of Mbaraka Mwinshehe can be found. I am sure it is in Kenya and Japan.

I will explain why.
Mbaraka took his Morogoro Jazz Band as part of a large group of cultural ensembles/artists representing Tanzania in the EXPO 70 exhibition that took place in Japan in 1970. Being good in technology as they are, I am certain the Japanese recorded every event that went on in each pavilion.

As to Kenya: a lady asks her husband to take her to a Super Volcano show (when the Band was visiting the couple's town) as she says she listens to their songs almost every single day on the Radio, and she also watches them often on the Television. All this is in Mbaraka's song called 'Nipeleke Nikashudie' (which roughly translate as "Take me, so that I can see them perfom live"). By TV here she means VOK Tv (Voice of Kenya Tv).

I believe both VOK (now called KBC Tv) and NHK Tv (Japan's National Tv) have Mbaraka's videos in their archives.

I also believe that both these institutions have a public duty to release these videos of one of the truly gifted musicians to come out of East Africa.
His country was/still is too poor to have have had Television in his lifetime, but he served Kenyans and entertained them in equal measure, and has everyone listened to his song EXPO 70, celebrating his participation there?
Mbaraka belonged to all of us, so the least these two institutions can do to world music heritage is to release his videos into the public domain.

Any ideas on how we can go about asking them to do this service to world music, anyone?

Mr. Msomali

What can I say? I support this appeal wholeheartedly. I can't wait to see a video of this giant of Tanzanian music.

If there is anyone out there who has links with either Kenyan or Japanese television, please help us out!

And should you need any encouragement I advise you to listen to this brilliant sample of the great man's repertoire, which as it happens contains both the song "Nipeleke Nikashudie" and two songs dedicated to the EXPO in Japan (including that killer "Expo No.2"!!!!). And the five other songs are all equally disarming in their unpretentious and truely authentic brilliance.

POLP 566 (or POLP 566) (December 21, 2016: update the first link to 320 kbps)

* I would like to make an exception to those sad idiots (and I am holding back here...) who try and slip a commercial link into their so-called comments.


Anonymous said...

Thanks WorldService. Do you have franco's performance in Kenya tapes. I want it. Please upload on a later post. Mbarka was a good singer and he was deeply talented.

Anonymous said...

Last week I had got a reply from NHK Archives about my request of their item of 1980's:
"Unfortunately, we only provide NHK footage for professional program production purposes for some license fee but not for private use."

You could write them on their e-mail address: archives(@)nhkint(dot)or(dot)jp.

Good luck and thanks for your interesting blog!

Greetings from Russia,

Anonymous said...

I have wanted to see Mbaraka on video for a long time.
Infact I had made a request here and elsewhere a long time ago.
I find it mind boggling that a video for this giant cant be traced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wuod k

Redna Mwende said...

That a video of this tirelessly hardworking and incredibly talented musician cannot be found is a symptom of the negative/dismissive stance taken by many (especially the 'elite') in Kenya and Tanzania towards art and artists. Attitudes might be changing but all none religious music was generally regarded almost negatively (even by 'fans') and as very disposable.

I really hope something comes up, it would be such an event.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous(Oleg)from Russia for contacting NHK Archives,but was dissapointed by their response.
In 1966,The legendary Miriam Makeba perfomed in Sweden,and SVT(Sweden's NationalTV)released the Video of the concert to the public domain,which has resulted in the show attaining a lasting legacy to world music heritage,with classic songs like Pata Pata,Click Song and Khawuleza,all of which can be found in You Tube now.

This has resulted in SVT and Sweden receiving a lot of goodwill and thanks from all over the world.
NHK Archives and ditto Kbc Archieves should do the same and contribute to the music heritage.
KbcTV has now a You Tube account(KbcKenya1)and should therefore Upload all of Mbaraka's videos they have in their archieves,and that will do them a lot of credit than they realise,perhaps.
Oleg,Wuod K,Redna Mwenge and all of us shuold write to them and kindly ask them to do this at http//

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot to WorldService for supporting us Mbaraka's fans,old and new,in this issue and hopefully, all our efforts will bear fruit,sooner rather than later.

Anthony Marwa Mwita said...

I don't believe it, after all these appeals for Mbaraka Mwishehe Mwaruka videos, responsible parties still remain silent. Whoever are responsible should know that, even after 40 years since we lost the Maestro, there exist a number of people who still are craving for his music. I strongly support those appealing for his videos. Even if there are in black and white they will still suffice our needs, just make them available.

It would also be of benefit if same consideration is given to other musicians like Marijani Rajabu, Shem Kalenga of Tabora jazz, Juma Kilaza, Chiriku Hemed Maneti and others

WrldServ said...

@Anthony Marwa Mwita: I can only fully agree with your comment and keep hoping that one day videos (of any kind or quality) show up!

Anonymous said...

I too have been digging for some live performances of maestro Mbaraka mwinshehe and this is a lead only comparable to light at end of a tunnel.I can't wait to try to find them now I know where to search and thanks for sharing this info