May 28, 2011

Another technical note

Some of you have reported that the Adrive service is not working. In attempting to download from Adrive a message appears suggesting that the service is overloaded ("Public File Busy").

Inspection of the number of downloads shows that no downloads at all are possible from Adrive. I have reported this to Adrive, and am awaiting their answer.

I will re-upload some of the more recent files to another server. If you want to download an older file on Adrive, please report this to me (for example by commenting on this post). I will subsequently upload that file to another server.

UPDATE Mat 30, 2011: Adrive reports that the issue has been resolved. I have checked this with a few files and everything seems to be in good working order now.


Sun Ira said...

Thanks for noticing and trying to help. I appreciate all that you do. I'd love a re-up on the mbira singles from March 2009 if that's possible. Again, thanks.

WrldServ said...

@Sun Ira: An extra link has been added. Thanks for the feedback.

alex said...

Thank you so much for addressing this.

bolingo69 said...

Yes, I am very happy too that you are gradually aiming to remedy this, I have been trying many many times with different files but to no avail, Never was I worried though, since I know how helpful you always are ;-)

and Ebenezer looks fine!

Thank you Stefan!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

Thanks for all the wonderful music...I'm digging the Super Rail cassette, and would love to hear the second volume as well. As a sidebar, you referenced an earlier post (from March 19, 2009) to an album by Batourou Sekou Kouyate, featuring Mory Kante, that I would love to hear as well, but with the collapse of ADrive, that link is dead...any chance of a re-up for that one? I'm also wondering if you've got the 22 Band's "Dans le Vent", and would be able to post that. Regardless, I always look forward to checking out whatever you put much to enjoy.

Thanks again, Andy.

WrldServ said...

@Andy(anonymous): I've added an extra link for the Batourou Sekou Kouyaté lp.

Of "Dans Le Vent" I am still in doubt which copy to post. None of the copies I have is really satisfactory.