April 29, 2011


We have been enjoying some exceptionally good weather here in the Netherlands, so this has not contributed to my good intentions with regards to the frequency of these posts.

Anyway, in this post I would like to share with you a single from the N'Dardisc label, a label which already has had some coverage in this blog.
The artist featured on this single is cora legend Soundioulou Sissoko. He is best known performing with his wife Mahawa Kouyaté, as you may recall from my post a few months ago. I wrote there that a presenter at the Guinean radio had claimed that this duo was the source of many classics from the golden era of Guinean and Malian music.

As you can see on the label of this single Soundioulou even goes as far as to claim that he is the composer of the Malinké classic "Maki". It is not very unusual for artists from African countries to claim the authorship of a traditional song, or even of a song composed by another author. Vicky Longomba of the O.K. Jazz even went as far as to claim "El Carretero". Most artists defend their claims by pointing out that they are the author of the particular version.

Well, I suppose we'll keep it at that then....

N'Dardisc 45.12
or here


Ryan said...

Great stuff. I love these older kora recordings.

dabulamanzi said...

Hello and thank you for all the sharing. My special request to you is to post Vol 4 of the SA Jive compilations...any chance...I am particularly hooked to the tune "Woza" is by Sanford Sithole and his Marabi Boys.