March 19, 2011


In rummaging through my computer the other day I stumbled upon another video by that great Malian diva Kandia Kouyaté from her very first appearance on Malian television. I have posted two songs from this same concert before (here and here). But watching this I was again bowled over by the sheer power of her presence - at the age of only 18 (!) - and the total command she displays.

Look for yourself:

Note the cheeky look, after 0'48, followed by that heartmelting smile: isn't she just incredible?!

I gather the song is about good deeds (wale gnouma), about gratitude (wale gnoumandon) and about ingratitude (wale gnoumandonbaliya).
It's just that a mere "thank you" seems so insignificant after watching such a brilliant performance....


Anonymous said...

It seems that Djeli Kandia of Kita sings to the people who helped her,improvising on an light interpretation of Soundjata.

Kandia always magnified.


Anonymous said...

wow. so great. tears. i am so appreciative of this and all the other great music you have compiled here. your detailed work is so welcomed. Thank you.