December 11, 2010


It appears that the information about Zani Diabaté's death has been somewhat premature. I have just been informed that he is in fact in a deep coma. The prognosis, however, is not very optimistic. Apparently the brain has been severely damaged as a result of the stroke.

I can only hope that Zani will do a "Wendo" on me. As you may know, Congolese musician Wendo Kolosoy was officially announced dead, - but was actually just out of town - and returned to sing about his own death.

I am glad there is still a ray of hope...

EDIT December 19, 2010: An anonymous source has informed me by e-mail that Zani has indeed passed away. As the source is anonymous I am somewhat cautious, and more so as no news has come from Mali confirming it...

EDIT January 5, 2011: Several - reliable - sources, including Malian, have confirmed that Zani has died yesterday, January 4, 2011, in a Paris hospital.
A great man, musician and friend has gone... More on the worldservice website.


Wassoulou said...

Alla ka nogoya ke!

May his suffering be made easier.

Radio Africa said...

Very sad to hear the news. Thank you for making his music wider known.

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note, Remmy Ongala, whose music you posted some time back, has passed away in Tanzania :(

Another icon of Tanzanian music (of Congolese descent though), is gone.