February 28, 2010


I thought you might be ready for another spiritual boost by Haruna Ishola and his Apala Group.

I have been using public transport a lot during the past months of snow and other phenomena which I - wishfully perhaps - considered to be nasty memories from the past. And I have found that the at times absurdly prolonged waiting can be reduced considerably by the auditory consumption of some apala music by our revered Alhadji. I haven't been able to make any reliable measurements, but it may even beat the flying of time when having fun!

I am still trying to figure out how this time manipulation works. Of course there is the force of repetition and the highly refined use of syncopation.
And on this album, which I suspect is from the early 1980s, maestro Haruna adds another magical ingredient: echo.

I would advise public transport in the Netherlands to distribute this music to all their passengers, in order to reduce waiting times..........

Star Records SRPS 41


Anonymous said...

Hello, Do you have anything by paul ngozi or ngozi family? I know the reissues but there is so much more out there:


most if not all of it is impossible to find on cd or vinyl.

thank you

gracenotes said...

Another masterwork from one of the all-time greats. Many thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Doctor, thank you very much for this so effective antidote to the expectations of any administrative process.

I've been fond Ishola gradually and this album in particular has become a classic.