January 30, 2010

Wana Msondo vol. 2

"Formed in 1964 the Nuta Jazz Band was one of the first to be formed under the new state-controlled regime. The acronym 'Nuta' actually stands for the band owners, National Union of Tanzania, head organization of the trade unions. The band was formed as their parent organization's entertainment wing, band members being regularly employed workers, paid monthly wages, housing, health care, etc. Nuta Jazz became the model for many bands to be formed in 1970s, the band itself went though different incarnations: Following name changes of their parent organization they became Juwata Jazz in 1978, and Ottu Jazz in the early 1990s. In recent years the band has become independent and is now lead by Muhiddin Maalim, one of the founder members. It is now just called Msondo Ngoma, after their mtindo (dance style) of many years. Among all the orchestras and musicians featured on this recording it is the sole surviving band, still active on the Dar es Salaam dance hall circuit in 2007."
Text and photo borrowed from "Zanzibara 3: Ujamaa" (highly recommended).

But the music is from a Polygram cassette...

Polygram CPOLP 621

P.S.: wikipedia!


Anonymous said...

Hi Stefan,

Another excellent post, thank you. Notice there wasn't a scan of the cover of the cassette so went on a trawl of the net & came up with this from musikfan http://www.muzikifan.com/images5/nuta.jpg Hope this is the right one.


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wuod k