November 03, 2009

Molobaly Traoré

Only a short while after hearing about the tragic death of Mamaye Kouyaté I was informed that yet another star of Malian music has died, and again before time...

Born on the Niger river in Macina, Molobaly Traoré was a strong defender of the traditions of the Ségou region. Contrary to many artists of her stature she refused to move to the capital Bamako, and instead settled with her husband in Niono. Ironically it was in Bamako where she died of typhoid on September 16, 2009, at the age of only 43. She leaves behind a husband and two children.

Although she hardly performed outside of the Niono cercle, she was very popular in the whole of Mali. Her songs were mostly moral, directed at the common Malian. If she was a griot, she was a griot of the common man. The heroes of her songs were farmers, workers of the land.

I had already planned to post some of her cassettes, and certainly will continue posting these. Here is the oldest of the ones I have; I don't know if it is her first. I do know it is one of my favourite recordings by this wonderful artist, with great bambara songs like "Ladji Mory", "Binlondala Kon" and "Noumou Kamale" - that manage to touch emotional strings whenever I hear these.

Molobaly, rest in peace.

Sinaley Konate SK 1201


NGONI said...

A tragical year for the Mali music also Ganda Fadiga is gone and now Ramata Diakite.
Yesterday I listened repeatedly Molobaly first issue, where she presents her group, the guitarist reminded me Modu Guitare who barely know, so I continued the afternoon with Alou Sangare, Modou son and then,I looked for some Takamba.
Before going to bed I discovered the post of PANORAMA with everything I wanted, Thanks¡

P.D. Last track is jammed and weeping crawls the last three minutes.

urijenny said...


Una pregunta: Esta Molobali Traoré es la misma de la que hay un cassette en el blog de las awesome tapes? Allí aparece como Moolobali Traoré.


WrldServ said...

@urijenny: Si. Está la misma.

NGONI said...

@urijenny: Aqúi la tienes,compruebalo tu mismo.

urijenny said...

Muchas gracias amigos.

urijenny said...

La parte final del último tema está distorsionada porque parece que se traba la cinta. Tenés? posibilidad de digitalizar de nuevo este tema?