October 18, 2009

10 Ans de Chansons

Let me start this post by drawing your attention to the update of an earlier post, which dealt with a delightful collection of songs from Ivory Coast, called "Ivoire Retro". I have retrieved the two songs that were missing of the original album. The lp can now be savoured in its complete form (or you can download the two missing tracks).

The same Dolf that helped me out with that lp, also happened to be in the possession of this rarity, titled "10 Ans de Chansons 1960-1970". It's another collection of musical petit fours from Côte D'Ivoire. The quality of this lp on the Fiesta label (the precursor of the African label) is not as good as the Ivoire Retro lp, but to me any additional track of artists like Amedée Pierre, Fax Clark or Mamadou Doumbia is already a veritable treat!

And I hadn't even heard of the other surprises! How could they have kept these gems by A.A. Adrien, Malick Koffi, Anoman Brouh Felix and A. Yapo hidden? It makes you wonder what still remains un(re)discovered in the musical vaults of the various African countries*....

Of course, the two (yes!) songs by Amedée Pierre stand out, but "Ma Douce Mado" by Malick Koffi (and I suspect Mado in this case is a female) and Fax Clark's growled "Findjougou" offer stiff competition. Tracks like "Super Nord" by Anoman Brouh Felix (of whom I recently saw some singles on the internet - e.g. this one on the right) and "Ayame Cherie" by A.A. Adrien & R. Yapi (with a slightly disturbing bit of slide guitar!) again show traces of the influence of Congolese music.

If there is anyone out there hoarding similar treasure troves, please contact me!

Fiesta 365.007

PS: The sleeve at the top of this post has no relevance to this post. The Comoé sisters are on Ivoire Retro. The sleeve actually contained only red dust; the record was - tragically - missing....

EDIT September 3, 2015: The sleeve for this album has turned up! It has been added to the album (see link above), and new mp3's with a higher bitrate have been included.
Also here is a temporary FLAC version: Fiesta 365.007 flac (until December 1, 2015).


Timothy said...

Many thanks for this beautiful music, especially the Ivoire Retro LP. I've just parted with 21 euros to acquire Styllart's African Pearls Volume 5 (West African Crossroads - Côte D'Ivoire) and I'm awestruck as I listen to the quality of the music on the LP you've posted. I spent two months in the Ivory Coast in 1984 and I got to appreciate the country's beautiful music. Simply spellbinding.

reservatory said...
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reservatory said...

Many thanks for these gems. Pure pleasure on its way. Was briefly confused about your two missing Ivoire Retro tracks. Previous DL actually had track b6, but cut short. Thanks for taking the time.