June 19, 2009

Siramori's Sara

I can be very short about this cassette. If you want to read about the legendary artist recorded on it, I refer you to the expert, i.e. this concise article by Jan Jansen (also available here, - in case the link goes dead...).

There is no doubt about Siramori Diabaté's status as a musical legend. You just have to listen to this cassette to understand that this status is completely justified. The intensity and profound emotion in her hoarse voice can't help but move even the coldest of humans.

Most, if not all of these tracks have been covered innumeral times by others. "Sara" most famously (and twice) by Balla et ses Balladins; of "Baninde" a great version by Les Messagers du Mali comes to mind; "Kanimba" was covered impressively by the Horoya Band.

Don't forget to read Jan Jansen's article.

Syllart SYL 83106


Momo said...

Many many thx for this great legend.
wonderful song!
keep the great work up!

Anonymous said...

A very well structured ethnographic essay, that. I especially like the way Jansen built up the various interrelating worlds Siramori moved among, and lived within when she was outside herself.

And the music, of course, prompted me to read the essay. I don't find her voice quite as hoarse as you (and Jansen) say, but as you're both far more knowledgeable about this than me, I'll have to take your words for it that she's a lot more hoarse than many other griots. I was impressed both by the expressiveness (second hand, not knowing the language), the easy production from the diaphragm, and the fine chest resonance. I've known many singers who lost that resonance a lot earlier than she did in their professional careers on stage.

Thank you for sharing this!